Flexible Transfer Machines

The Vertiflex 450, the big version of the VFX Flexible Transfers Machines, is a flexible manufacturing cell which combines the high production capacity of a conventional rotary  Transfer Machine  with the high flexibility  of the machining centers. Available with 4 or 6 station clamping fixtures, it can be equipped with 5 thru 8 machining centers, each one equipped with 6 or 8 position tool change revolver head.

Flexible Transfer Machines

Maximum flexibility, achieved by mounting up to 64 tools in the full configuration, means the possibility to produce parts of any shape which can fit into a 450mm cube. Machining five sides in one chuck assures a high quality of the finished parts. To be particularly underlined   the possibility to employ one or more  full CNC facing heads on the tool change revolver head.

Flexible Transfer Machines

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